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Hey, I'm Laura

Last October, after 18 months of long distance, me and my boyfriend Luke relocated together to Liverpool.

I’m originally from the Isle of Man and I’m an island girl at heart with a love of the sea and nature. 

But I have always had itchy feet, and a huge desire to explore (I did attempt to travel Southeast Asia with my best friend in 2019, but that’s a story for a different day).

Liverpool is hands down my favourite city, the people are some of the nicest you can meet and the culture and vibe this city has is unmatched.

So, I wanted to document my explorings as Luke and I take this adventure together 😊.

I can’t wait to get fully immersed in this vibrant city.

Stayed tuned.

Laura xx

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Liverpool based blogger

Lover of travel, meeting new people & making incredible experiences.

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